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ERGO fights against antigypsyism, advocates for better policies for Roma in Europe, creates strong networks and empowers Roma activists.


Today, at the EU’s Social Summit for Fair Jobs and Growth in Gothenburg, the European Commission, European Parliament and European Council jointly proclaimed the European Pillar of Social Rights. The Social Pillar has been published on 26 April 2017 by the European Commission as a summary of existing EU social legislation. Its aim is to
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ERGO Network’s research and advocacy coordinator Jelena Jovanovic held a workshop addressing the trafficking in Roma children in the framework of the seminar ‘Combatting the exploitation of children’ organised by the Benelux working group on human trafficking on 17th November 2017. The workshop was organised and co-facilitated by Maaike van Groenestyn, senior advisor of the
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ERGO member Nevo Parudimos from Romania organised its first training on Community-Led Local Development for Local Action Groups and potential CLLD beneficiaries. The training was held in cooperation with the National Federation of Local Action Groups on 15/16 November 2017 in Tecuci, Romania. The 40 participants, representing 10 LAGs from the South-East region of Romania,
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ERGO Network asks for end to segregation of Romani children 10 years after landmark decision of European Court on Human Rights Press release – Brussels – 15/11/2017 10 years ago 18 Romani children from Ostrava in Czech Republic received a positive verdict of the European Court on Human Rights, acknowledging that placing them in segregated
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.@GitFeministas at the #EU4women colloquium: powerful testimony about struggle of Roma Women in the EU and call for action

‘Historically - and still today - #Roma women have not been seen as humans nor as women but as objects... ‘ 💪 voice at #EU4women @ERGO_Network @social_platform

Today is the #UniversalChildrensDay, celebrating the #UNCRC. Let's remind everyone that Roma children have rights just like any other child! #Romarights #InvestinYoungRoma

Today European leaders proclaimed the European Pillar of Social Rights. Now it is time to let actions follow words and make a Social Europe a reality.
Read our statement here:
#socialeurope #socialrights #romarights

The voice of young people is bold & clear. We want a Europe where social rights are at the heart, equality is a reality & sustainability is at the core.
@EU_Commission are you standing with @Youth_Forum? Are you ready to #YouthUpSocialSummit17? #SocialSummit17 https://t.co/Yj5v1IasFj

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