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ERGO fights against antigypsyism, advocates for better policies for Roma in Europe, creates strong networks and empowers Roma activists.


Aggression towards Roma in Bulgaria The Bulgarian Roma civil society coalition Intelect, co-chaired by ERGO Network member Integro Association, has issued a statement regarding the latest agression against Roma in the town of Gabrovo. You can download the statement as PDF.   Position of the National Coalition Intelect on the manifestation of unjustified aggression towards
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The situation in France in relation to antigypsyism is dire, vulnerable members of the Roma community are being targeted in racial attacks. On March 16th a rumour first appeared on social media platforms causing a series of attacks to be carried out against members of the Roma community. Since the attacks started La Voix des
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Regional campaign “Most Roma Friendly Mayor” We are launching the 2019 call for the regional campaign for the most “Roma Friendly Mayor” in the framework of the project “Joint Initiative to Empower Roma Civil Society in the Western Balkans and Turkey“, implemented jointly by Roma Active Albania and ERGO Network. The campaign aims to increase
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Pledge to continue fight against antigypsyism In the framework of the EU Roma Week 2019, 61 Members of the European Parliament have pledged to continue their fight against antigypsyism and to take it to the next mandate of the Parliament after the elections in May. We wholeheartedly thank our partners in the European Parliament for
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Extremely saddened by multiple extremist attacks on Christian celebrations and public places in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. We commend the Lankan people for exercising strain. A country battered by long years of bloodshed deserves peace. #SriLanka @MaithripalaS

@ECHRPress makes first-ever finding of “institutional racism” in Europe! We sent a third-party intervention telling them about institutional antigypsyism in the police force✊🏾 #Romania #shngale

Amazing news:

#Romania: Roma family awarded €49,000 after police ethnic profiling human rights breaches. It found that the authorities perceive the Roma community in general as criminal.

#EndRacismEU @ERGO_Network @isabelmihalache @RomaReact @romaeducation @APPGGTR @romeanews

Mob violence against Roma in #Bulgaria, #Italy & #France has not occurred in a vacuum, it is politically orchestrated. #Antigypsyism is an obscenity, a stain on the #EU. A simple message to mainstream political parties: To remain silent is to be complicit!

The Employment & Social Innovation (EaSI) programme is an essential tool assisting the Commission to reinforce the EU’s social dimension as affirmed by the European Pillar of #SocialRights.

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