ERGO’s work and vision showcased

ERGO’s work and vision showcased

This video shows the achievements of the work done by the European Roma Grassroots organizations (ERGO) network and its members under the Framework Partnership Agreement 2014-2017 with DG Employment supported by the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation EaSI (2014-2020).

ERGO Network mobilizes and connects organizations and individuals who share a set of core values, to co-create the courage, capacity and approaches to: combat inequality, stigmatization and discrimination; strengthen Roma civil society participation in decision making at local, national and European level; commit governments and European institutions to effective anti-discrimination and social inclusion policies for Roma. ERGO has almost 30 members in more than 20 countries in Europe. Through its members ERGO became the only organization that brings the Roma grassroots voice directly to the EU institutions, but also helps the European institutions to understand better the needs of Romani communities.

Our dream is Roma to have the same opportunities like the non-Roma in education, employment and to all spheres of life and to be free from racism. In our opinion this can be happened only if we Roma take our lives in our hands.

Quotas from the video ;

“All people are humans, also Roma are humans” says Zuzana Havirova, Director of Roma Advocacy and Research Center from Slovakia

”If you want decide to be an activists then you are an activists by the heart” and “unite is power” said by Michal Miko member of SLOVO21 from the Czech Republic.

In video are featured:


ZUZANA HAVIROVA (Roma advocacy and Research center – Slovakia)

MICHAL MIKO (SLOVO 21 – Czech Republic)

IRINA SPATARU (Romano Centro -Austria)

Roma Advocacy and Research Center became a member of the National Rural Development Network of the Slovak Republic

Roma Advocacy and Research Center became a member of the National Rural Development Network of the Slovak Republic

On 24 May 2017 RAVS ERGO Network, member became an official member of the National Rural Development Network of the Slovak Republic (NSRF SR). NSRF SR associates the organizations and administrative bodies involved in rural development and the implementation of the PRV SR 2014-2020 in the sense of Art. 55 of Regulation (EU) No. 1305/2013 on support for rural development by the EPFRV and Art. 5 principles of partnership and multilevel governance of Regulation (EU) No. 1303/2013.

NSRF SR directly cooperates with the Ministry of Agriculture and rural development of the Slovak Republic (MPRV SR) and the European Network for Rural Development. Through this partnership Roma people will be involved more actively in the implementation of the programs under the Community Local Led Development in Slovakia.

Read more about RAVS activity in Slovak language here


Our member RAVS from Slovakia presented their “Red Card to Antigypsyism” campaign at the Balvafest festival in Kokava and Rimavicou on 27 August 2016.

The event gathered over 1500 people. Roma together with non-Roma guests were enjoying the performances of stars such as Jan Bendig, Imperio and bands from Spain and Serbia.Peter Kudrá from the NGO Roma Podskalky briefly explained what the red cards mean to guests arriving at the entrance of the complex. The red cards statements were written in Slovak language and in Romani language.

For more information about the work of our member and the campaign click here.