Towards a more holistic approach to Roma inclusion

Towards a more holistic approach to Roma inclusion in the EU: stronger policy mainstreaming and focus

The long term perspective of the Roma inclusion process implies that, at this stage, expecting major socioeconomic impact of the Roma integration process is premature. Although the necessary policies, tools and structures linked with the inclusion of Roma were put in place in the Member States, the actual implementation is still at an initial phase without mainstreaming them in the EU general policy initiatives.

Existing assessments of implementation of the social inclusion policies and programmes at EU and national level revealed that the policies and programs did not reach marginalised groups, and did not manage to improve the situation of Roma. This is why ERGO Network, with contributions from its allies, published a policy paper that provides specific recommendations on possible ways of mainstreaming Roma inclusion in the next Multi-Annual Financial Framework and post 2020 EU Roma Framework, key recommendations for the mainstream policies, and finally, not only initiatives/actions that should be taken by the European Commission, but also those that should be taken by Member States.

Report: Falling through the cracks

ERGO Network analyses SDG 10 for report ‘Falling through the cracks: exposing inequalities in the EU and beyond’

ERGO Network’s chapter “Reducing Inequalities between Roma and Non-Roma: EU, SDG 10 and Combating Exclusion of Roma”, is published as part of a bigger report “Falling through the Cracks – Exposing Inequalities in the EU and beyond”, published by SDG Watch Europe, Make Europe Sustainable for All and Faces of Inequality. Besides our chapter dedicated to Roma inclusion, issues such as environmental injustice towards Roma are addressed throguhout the whole report.

SDG 10 – ‘To reduce inequalities within and between countries’ – is highly relevant for Roma. The goal is being reviewed in 2019 in the UN-led process that monitors progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. SDG indicators could potentially be used in the future by the creators of new Roma related policies, as currently all analyses of Roma-related policies show that a lack of concrete and measurable indicators lead to the failure of national Roma-related policies. The SDG indicators .  The chapter written by ERGO Network looks at issues where there is a strong overlap between SDG Goal 10 and EU ‘Roma objectives’.

We as civil society have taken the opportunity to provide yet another analysis of inequality that affects Roma people across the European Union. We use this moment to present concrete policy recommendations to the EU and the UN agenda simultaneously. Our purpose is to provide information and proposals to address inequalities effectively.

Download the report here.

EU Roma Week 2019

From 18-21 March 2019, the fourth EU Roma Week in the European Parliament will take place, with the active involvement of ERGO Network, its members and civil society partners.  The Roma Week consists of a series of events discussing  the current and future EU Roma rights agenda, hosted by Members of the European Parliament.

It will be preceeded by a Roma Youth Advocacy Training, bringing together over 30 young people to prepare their inputs to the week and learn more about EU advocacy. This five days lasting seminar is organized by ternYpe International Roma Youth Network, ERGO Network, Phiren Amenca and the Documentation and Cultural Centre & Central Council of German Sinti and Roma.

Additionally, civil society representatives will attend a meeting of the Alliance against Antigypsyism.

ERGO Network will be actively participating in the events in the European Parliament. Besides co-organising the panel debate ‘Roma Included: Can the Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals contribute to combatting antigypsyism’, ERGO and its members will participate in discussions on the current and future EU Roma Framework and on creating truth and reconciliation commissions.

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