Institutional racism black on white: The police of Leipzig-Germany is asking hotels report any Romanian guests, apparently to counter pickpocketing at the annual Highfield Festival. @PolizeiSachsen #Romania

Find out what we have been up to last year. Our annual report for 2018 has just been published!

In 10th anniversay of the @EUCharter it is sadly necessary to recall EU govenments, institutions and overalll EU society the need to respect, guarantee and protect #humanrights of all, including most disadvantaged groups such as the #RomaEU.

Contact your #MEP to take actions against inhumane #FarRight rhetoric!
#CondemnAntiGypsyism #StopSalvini @JarokaLivia @EllieChownsMEP @julie4nw @ScottMEPLondon @simonabonafe @cozzolino62 @NeenaGmep @donath_anna @istvan_ujhelyi @EUCouncil @EU_Commission

Raymond Gurême: Il a lutté contre les Nazis avec la Résistance. Encore faisant face au harcèlement des institutions en #France aujourd'hui, il continue de lutter contre le racisme. #HolocaustSurvivor #2august

@MPriv_o @LaVoixdesRroms @anina_ciuciu @vizslaguy @JuliePascoet

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Upcoming Activities

  • 5-9 June 2019: Exchange visit to Nevo Parudimos (Resita, Romania)
  • 23-28 August 2019: Grassroots Advocacy Academy – expert workshop (Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic)
  • 20-23 October 2019: Annual Members Meeting (Skopje, North Macedonia)
  • 25-26 November 2019: RIISE coordination meeting

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