International Congress on Discrimination based on Work & Decent, Casteism, Antigypsyism & Contemporary forms of Slavery #CastOutDiscrimination, New York. 260 million people face Discrimination based on Work & Decent. #FacesofInequality @AsiaDalitRights @ERGO_Network @TrustAfrica

#AntiGypysism is a #cultural & #moral #crisis throughout #Europe. Very lucky that we have essential events like this to be able to #discuss openly and find #solutions. @Romaniarts @UN @officenat @ERGO_Network @IzsakRita @TravellersTimes @UN_WOGC @AsiaDalitRights @whiteband


Proud and #honoured to have been welcomed to the Senegal Mission to the #UnitedNations, #NewYork. @Romaniarts @isaacblake1979 @UN @officenat @ERGO_Network @UN_WOGC @AsiaDalitRights @whiteband #FacesofInequality #StandTogetherNow #Act4SDGs @WelshGovernment @AssemblyWales @EHRC


#Roma power at the opening of the International Congress on Discrimination based on Work and Descent #icdwd: The ERGO delegation together with international #humanrights expert @IzsakRita will raise awareness of #antigypsyism.

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Upcoming Activities

  • 14-15 September 2019: Local Grassroots Advocacy Academy (Slovakia)
  • 30 September: Roma civil society coordination meeting (Brussels, Belgium)
  • 20 October 2019: Board, advisory committee and working group meetings (Skopje, North Macedonia)
  • 21-22 October 2019: Annual Members Meeting (Skopje, North Macedonia)
  • 25 November 2019: ERGO Conference ‘Roma access to mainstream education’ (Brussels, Belgium)
  • 25-26 November 2019: RIISE coordination meeting


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