ERGO Network coordinates and supports campaigns that are led by Roma activists on local and national level, focusing on combatting antigypsyism and asking for better social inclusion of Roma in Europe. ERGO Network makes sure that the campaigns have an international dimension and that the results are fed into the policy process at EU level.

Key Activities

Alliance against Antigypsyism

The Alliance Against Antigypsyism is an occasional coalition of organisations that promote equality of rights for Roma. The aim of the alliance is to advance a better understanding of antigypsyism.

Wall-Free Europe

More than 25 years after the fall of the Berlin wall, there are still walls of concrete and walls in people’s minds that segregate Roma citizens from their non-Roma neighbours across Europe. Therefore ERGO Network’s Wall-Free Europe campaign asks for the removal of physical and mental walls between Roma and Non-Roma.

Most Roma-friendly mayor

The campaign honours mayors on the Western Balkans and in Turkey who are strongly engaged for Roma inclusion in their local communities and can be good examples for other municipalities. The first mayors will be awarded in autumn 2017.

Investing in our future

This campaign, which will be launched in autumn 2017, will mobilise support for investing in employment opportunities for young Roma. Young people will break the stigma that Roma do not want to work. The campaign aims to make clear that young Roma can have opportunities, if sufficient investment is done and they receive the right support.

Campaigning News