RomaReact is a blogging space developed by ERGO Network and individual young Roma activists. Anyone can share their stories on RomaReact in order to create a new narrative for Roma.

About RomaReact

RomaReact is about us. We are people – both Roma and non-Roma – who want to shape the public debate on Roma inclusion. We want our voices to be heard. We are connecting through RomaReact, an interactive multimedia mapping platform that allows us to share everyday Roma realities and to challenge the stereotypes and prejudices that Roma face. Through RomaReact we build a global online community seeking social change and justice.

Through the RomaReact website we want to present a positive image of Roma by sharing the culture, fun and real stories of real people. We want to promote Romani people as integral to our countries, as well as promote a sense of responsibility of each of us to contribute to a fair and equal society.

RomaReact is built on the experiences of ERGO Network and its members and friends who focus primarily on Roma grassroots empowerment and mobilization. Together, we can promote our activities and events and we are looking forward to yours.

We use RomaReact as a digital space to mobilize even more young people to actively participate in society and become agents in their own lives as well as equal and respected citizens.

RomaReact online

Where is the right to #housing in the midst of #CoronaCrisis?
The Belgian police once again confiscated 4 caravans of Roma Traveller families. Asked about alternative housing, the police answered "You, the gypsies, can arrange it among yourselves".
#Antigypsyism #COVID19 #racism

📣 We launched our #Employment Campaign to promote 🗣 #inclusion and #diversity in workplaces 🏢🏗 and to raise awareness on the difficulties of young #Roma on the labour market.
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3 categories of environmental #racism against #Roma:
👉 Being cut off of services (sanitation, waste collection)
👉 Being put at risk (by contamination, pollution, floods)
👉 Being pushed aside (forced evictions from land, water resources or places with high economic value)

Impressive video to watch @byKateBrowne: Following the Removals (of the #NumberedStreets in #Miskolc).

#antigypsyism #evictions #racism

Our co-host @Peter_Pollak from the @EPPGroup sent us a video message:

📣 These days we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. In the EU there are still too many children whose rights are not protected.


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