Monitoring and fact-finding play an important role in the advocacy of ERGO Network. We bridge European policies and grassroots realities of Roma people in Europe by monitoring the implementation of EU policies that should benefit Roma in EU member states and make recommendations to national governments and the European institutions for an improved effectiveness of such policies. We conduct research projects and fact-finding missions to bring evidence of social exclusion and antigypsyism to European and national policy makers.

Key Activities

Youth employment

Investing in employment for young Roma is fair and just, but also a smart economic choice: It is an effective way to improve growth prospects and respond to the demographic challenge of rapidly ageing populations in EU Member States. Investing in young Roma breaks the cycle of poverty, discrimination and exclusion. ERGO advocates for more and better investment in employment opportunities for young Roma.

National Roma Integration Strategies

ERGO and its members monitor the implementation of the EU Roma Framework and its national Roma integration strategies. Together with the Central European Universities and other partners, ERGO currently undertakes a large-scale pilot project that involves around 90 Roma NGOs in all EU member states, who will monitor the National Roma Integration Strategies from a civil society viewpoint.

Community-led local development

ERGO Network actively supports Roma actors in monitoring the use of EU funds locally, especially through the bottom-up tool of community-led local development. At the same time, the monitoring process empowers them to get involved in the CLLD process and helps local communities understand the importance of Roma inclusion.

Local policy scorecards

ERGO Network’s local policy scorecard is a tool to quickly assess and compare how local authorities tackle Roma inclusion. We invite representatives of Roma communities, NGOs and individual activists to use this tool to assess the performance of their municipality and compare it with others.

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