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ERGO fights against antigypsyism, advocates for better policies for Roma in Europe, creates strong networks and empowers Roma activists.


Investing in our future – what work(s) for young Roma ERGO Network Public event Monday 27th November, Mundo B, Brussels 09:00 – 12:30, followed by networking lunch Equality of employment opportunities for young Roma is fair and just, but also a smart economic choice: It is an effective way to improve growth prospects and respond
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“Investing in our future: What work(s) for young Roma?” Participate, compete, win, travel to Brussels and present your story at ERGO Network’s public event in November! To win, just follow three easy steps: Share either an inspiring or a challenging story with one image (photo, painting, drawing or graphic), a video or a short story.
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With this newsletter, we present you our new website – more structured, more colourful and with a lot more content than before. We will regularly update the website with news from our members and institutional developments, upload documents, inform about ERGO projects and campaigns and update ERGO’s membership list. Browse through ERGO’s and our members
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From 18-19 September, 21 representatives of (pro) Roma NGOs met in Brussels to start their involvement in the Roma Civil Monitor, a project building the capacity of Roma civil society and strengthening their systematic involvement in the monitoring of national Roma integration strategies. The pilot project as a whole involves 91 NGOs from 27 EU
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"We have to search the people who do not have the information about jobs" MEP @EmilianPavel @Building up skils for social inclusion

ERGO's newsletter is out: Read about our latest activities, upcoming events and achievements of our members https://t.co/BTfWMhm6Pt #EURoma

Joint initiative to Empower Roma Civil Society in Western Balkans and Turkey presented at EU&Civil Society Quo Vadis #tacso #euroma #raa

Do you want to win a trip to Brussels? Take part in our #RomaReact competition on youth employment! https://t.co/sNGfM5DoqQ #dontletmebehind

Check out our fresh new website https://t.co/vbGadYZs9o with lots of news, resources and information about ERGO's work.

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