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ERGO fights against antigypsyism, advocates for better policies for Roma in Europe, creates strong networks and empowers Roma activists.


Roma Café discussion kicks off on Romani Resistance Day May 16 is a symbolic date for now in the contemporary Roma movement throughout Europe – a day that intends to shift into a positive narrative by highlighting Roma heroes during the holocaust. ERGO Network together with the Diverse Youth Network organized a renewed concept of
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Training of Trainers – Transparency and Accountability Criteria 12 -15 May 2018, Durres, Albania Being transparent and accountable are important prerequisites for the effectiveness of civil society organisations that are taken seriously by their institutional counterparts. ERGO members from the Western Balkans, Turkey and the ‘Visegrad countries’ Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic met in Durres,
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A local dialogue meeting under the project “Strengthening Roma NGOs as transparent and independent watchdog organisations” was organised in Bijelo Polje on 8th May 2018. in cooperation with local NGO Klub kulture and coordinated by NGO Young Roma, partner of ERGO Network in the project funded by the Visegrad Fund. The aim of the local
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ERGO Network and its partners urge the European Commission to prioritise the position of Roma in Europe in the next Multi- Annual Financial Framework ERGO Network together with the Open Society European Policy Institute (OSEPI) and 70 national and local Roma civil society organisations is asking EU decision-makers to dedicate funding for the social inclusion
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We are discussing transparency and gender equality. @transparency @accountability @effectiveness @opportunities @knowdlegesharing @romaempowerment @RAA @OTHARIN

Side events at #ACIG2018 just came to an end. Key takeaways from the workshops on how to implement the Pillar of #SocialRights will be presented soon!

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We need a complaints mechanism to make the #EPSR function properly says @ClaudeCahn1 of @UNHumanRights #ACIG2018

ESF+ (ESF+FEAD+Youth Initiative+EASI+Health Program) can be an opportunity to integrate and mainstream the #socialinclusion actions. Unless this means that joining programs will mean reducing the budget. By the way, can Civil Society still have a voice on this decision? #ACIG2018

The EU funds have to be changed for better impact. There should be a strong focus on capacity building of national authorities in particular the public services which have no skills to operate with EU money and this affects the local level.#SocialPillar #ACIG2018 #RomaEU

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