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ERGO fights against antigypsyism, advocates for better policies for Roma in Europe, creates strong networks and empowers Roma activists.


ERGO Network analyses SDG 10 for report ‘Falling through the cracks: exposing inequalities in the EU and beyond’ ERGO Network’s chapter “Reducing Inequalities between Roma and Non-Roma: EU, SDG 10 and Combating Exclusion of Roma”, is published as part of a bigger report “Falling through the Cracks – Exposing Inequalities in the EU and beyond”,
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Exchange visit to Nevo Parudimos From 5 to 9 June 2019 ERGO Network visited Nevo Parudimos in their town of Resita in Romania, along with members from all over Europe to learn about the invaluable work Nevo Parudimos is doing in their country for their local Roma communities. Among the fellow member organizations who attended
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On May 27th, an open discussion was organized by the International Charitable Organization Roma Women Fund Chiricli to discuss the racial attacks that have happened in the past, the event was called “A year after Roma pogroms: where are we now?”. The purpose of the event was to discuss past hate crimes, talk about how
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ERGO Network Grassroots Advocacy Academy for multipliers 23-28 August 2019, Rehlovice (Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic) Traditional ways of advocacy seem less and less effective, particularly when working in countries with far right governments and a high level of populism in politics. If grassroots activists want to advocate for combatting antigypsyism, empowering Roma and promoting
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We welcomed the Roma MEPs @RomeoFranz1 and @Peter_Pollak and said good-bye to our great ally @SorayaPostFi at last night's 'Roma Dinner' with @osfEUpolicy.
We are looking forward to a great cooperation in our fight against #antigypsyism and for #socialinclusion of Roma.

Today marks the 6th anniversary of the brutal raid in the Roma settlement of Moldava nad Bodvou, Slovakia. Since then police have been found not guilty and the beaten Roma have been charged.
We stand with you - justice belongs to all of us!

Horrible #antigypsyism in #CzechRepublic. Prosecutor appeals after court acquits online hater of saying dark-skinned first-graders should be gassed to death.
Read: @romeanews

Intimidatation and eviction are a daily reality for Roma all over Europe and beyond. Hundreds of Roma 'forcibly removed' from Russian village. @ERRCtweets

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