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ERGO fights against antigypsyism, advocates for better policies for Roma in Europe, creates strong networks and empowers Roma activists.


ERGO Network Grassroots Advocacy Academy for multipliers 23-28 August 2019, Rehlovice (Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic) Traditional ways of advocacy seem less and less effective, particularly when working in countries with far right governments and a high level of populism in politics. If grassroots activists want to advocate for combatting antigypsyism, empowering Roma and promoting
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OPINION Unprecedented police action against Roma Travellers community in Belgium A huge police action took place in Belgium in the morning of 7 May resulting in a massive arrest of Belgian Roma Travellers accused of trafficking of illegally obtained vehicles. The last action of this kind took place during the Second World War when 351
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Aggression towards Roma in Bulgaria The Bulgarian Roma civil society coalition Intelect, co-chaired by ERGO Network member Integro Association, has issued a statement regarding the latest agression against Roma in the town of Gabrovo. You can download the statement as PDF.   Position of the National Coalition Intelect on the manifestation of unjustified aggression towards
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The situation in France in relation to antigypsyism is dire, vulnerable members of the Roma community are being targeted in racial attacks. On March 16th a rumour first appeared on social media platforms causing a series of attacks to be carried out against members of the Roma community. Since the attacks started La Voix des
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Call for participants: Grassroots Advocacy Academy for multipliers, 23-28 August:
Join us to share experiences on how to do effective advocacy in hostile environments and build more capacity to support grassroots activists in their advocacy work.

#ESFTP19 #WS6: Daniel Grebeldinger @ERGO_Network why we use #CLLD? ➡️this funding tool has a unique bottom-up approach: together with the EC setting the right scenario (funding & partnerships) we managed to reach out to Roma communities & make a real impact to their lives


Daniel Grebeldinger from our member Nevo Parudimos presents our work on #CLLD as a tool for #Romainclusion at the ESF Transnational Platform: "There is still a need for real participation". #esftp19 #SocialEurope @EU_Social @EUinmyRegion

VICTORY: The European Court of Human Rights has ordered the Italian Government to provide suitable accommodation for Romani families who were forcibly evicted from Giugliano last week.

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Financial inclusion is a must for #SocialEurope. EU legislation needs to contribute to breaking vicious circle of indebtedness that many Roma families face. @AGE_PlatformEU @COFACE_EU @forfinancewatch #ACIG2019

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