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ERGO fights against antigypsyism, advocates for better policies for Roma in Europe, creates strong networks and empowers Roma activists.


ERGO Network Annual Conference 2019: Roma access to mainstream education 19 November 2019, 10:00-13:00, European Parliament Please save the date for ERGO Network’s Annual Conference, which will shed light on the important topic of Roma access to mainstream education. Education is an increasingly important topic in the European public and political discourse, with objectives on
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New publication: Roma grassroots perspectives on poverty alleviation In 2018 in the framework of ERGO’s Annual Work Programme ‘Roma Included in Social Europe’ (RIISE), ERGO Network members from Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic conducted seven comprehensive local case studies that contribute to a better understanding of the impact of National Roma Integration
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Have you ever heard of the Sustainable Development Goals? Don’t know what this has to do with Roma? Then check out our report ‘Roma Included: In the Sustainable Development Goals that ERGO Network published in 2019. Just want to have a glimpse on what is inside? Then check out our short video summarising the report.
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ERGO Network’s Grassroots Academy for multipliers implemented in the Czech Republic: Equipping multipliers with competencies to implement advocacy trainings In August this year, about twenty Roma advocates from different European countries gathered in Tepla, a Czech village close to Usti and Labem. For five days, they joined ERGO Network to share and explore different methods
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“We don’t need to ‘fix’ the Quilumbola, the Roma, or slaves, to save the world- we need to fix ourselves to fix the world”-Antonio Bispo, Convener CONAQ, Brazil #castoutdiscrimination

So #important to #debate #discrimination in all its guises - Discrimination based on #Work & #Descent, #Casteism, #Antigypsyism & #Contemporary Forms of #Slavery. @Romaniarts @UN @officenat @ERGO_Network @UN_WOGC @AsiaDalitRights @whiteband @IzsakRita #CastOutDiscrimination


#antigypsyism is not a minority issue, attention needs to shift to mainstream societies
#CastOutDiscrimination #FacesofInequality #LeaveNoOneBehind #NoAntigypsyism @EURoma #OpreRoma
@RomaniArts @IzsakRita @RomaReact

@whiteband @trustAfrica @AsiaDalitRights

2nd day of International Congress on #discrimination based on #Work #Descent #Casteism #Antigypsyism and contemporary forms of #slavery @hrabanova presents the main manifestation of #antigypsyism #CastOutDiscrimination #FacesofInequality #NoAntigypsyism

International Congress on Discrimination based on Work & Decent, Casteism, Antigypsyism & Contemporary forms of Slavery #CastOutDiscrimination, New York. 260 million people face Discrimination based on Work & Decent. #FacesofInequality @AsiaDalitRights @ERGO_Network @TrustAfrica

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