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ERGO fights against antigypsyism, advocates for better policies for Roma in Europe, creates strong networks and empowers Roma activists.


European Commission releases Autumn Package What’s in it for Europe’s Roma? On 17 December 2019, the European Commission published the so-called Autumn Package, including the Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy 2020 and its annex, the draft Joint Employment Report, thus marking the beginning of the 2020 European Semester. In a clear attempt to revamp the cycle,
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Strategies against antigypsyism The international conference „Strategies against antigypyism“ took place in Tenerife on 12 and 13 December 2019. It was organized by the Karipen association in cooperation with the Ministry for Health, Consumers Affairs and Social Welfare of the Canary Island Government, Cabildo of Tenerife and Khetane Platform. At the invitation of FAGIC ERGO
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Roma youth empowerment trough Rromani language Our partners from Roma Community Centre in Vilinus, Lithuania for the first time ever gather a group of young Roma for 2 days seminar from 2-4 Of December, 2019 with a programme in rromanes on topics such as: discrimination, equality, access to the labor market and empowerment. The event
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Promotion of sustainable gardening and healthy food: training, booklet and e-book Butterfly Developments 2019 Pro Cseherat had a busy year 2019. It organized several community events and published two publications on sustainable eating and gardening. Pro Cseherat can proudly state that the participants in the programs have become a community. Garden: chemical-free vegetables for home
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We are attending today @EU_Social's Strategic Dialogue with #CivilSociety, to explore how to make the #EuropeanSemester & the European Pillar of #SocialRights deliver on #RomaRights, and to find out what future for the #Europe2020 Strategy & the EU Framework for #RomaInclusion.

We need to make sure that the European #GreenDeal is not just another green-washed growth strategy, but really takes inequalities and environmental #racism into account and includes #participation of affected communities! @Green_Europe @carl_dolan @ARDIEuroParl @osfEUpolicy

How can we talk about a fair and just #EUGreenDeal when #Roma minorities are routinely exposed to contaminated drinking water and toxic waste? Great report by @Green_Europe & @ERGO_Network on #environmentalracism @osfEUpolicy

3 categories of environmental #racism against #Roma:
👉 Being cut off of services (sanitation, waste collection)
👉 Being put at risk (by contamination, pollution, floods)
👉 Being pushed aside (forced evictions from land, water resources or places with high economic value)

With this work, ERGO raises awareness of environmental issues among Roma and mainstreams our fight against #antigypsyism in the environmental movement. It is very important to include environmental issues in the next Roma integration strategies. Our people deserve it! #EURoma

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