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ERGO fights against antigypsyism, advocates for better policies for Roma in Europe, creates strong networks and empowers Roma activists.


The attitude towards Turkish Roma during the Pandemic News from ERGO member Zero Discrimination Attitudes towards Roma during the Covid Pandemic in Turkey were heterogenous. While inclusiveness was much improved, especially on the part of the interventions of the local authorities, discriminatory discourses were also witnessed. To count a few positive interventions: in İstanbul, the
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Roma part of #BlackLivesMatter On 25 May 2020 George Floyd, an African American man, was killed by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mass protests in response to his death quickly spread across the United States and internationally in a joint mobilisation against police violence and structural racism. Across the world, people have started to take down
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European Semester: European Commission releases Spring Package 2020 What’s in it for Europe’s Roma? On 20 May 2020, the European Commission published the so-called Spring Package, comprising the 28 Country-Specific Recommendations 2020 (including the United Kingdom), and the accompanying Communication on Country-Specific Recommendations, in the framework of the 2020 European Semester. Together with its national
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Solidarity & cohesion must drive Europe’s recovery🤝 No person and region should be left behind❗️

➡️ The EU Pillar of #SocialRights shows a sustainable & fair way forward!

Share your views by 30/11 & help us form the plan to strengthen a social Europe 👉!UW86KC

I will present a new EU Roma Strategic Framework this year and promote:
☑️a stronger focus on fighting antigypsyism & discrimination
☑️socio-economic inclusion of Roma
☑️a consistent focus on Roma equality + inclusion in all mainstream policies

#EU4Roma #UnionOfEquality

Read our op-ed in the @BrusselsTimes about the #BlackLivesMatter protests, #antigypsyism, the reaction of EU institutions and our recommendations to them:

@isabelmihalache @tine_sudbrock

"I can only hope with the view to the anti-racism debate worldwide and in Europe that the sentence #BlackLivesMatter will include ‘Roma lives Matter'. That would be the answer to my greatest dream".
Powerful words of @MiRo_SPD!

@ENAREurope @ZR_SintiRoma @TheProgressives

Thank you @EvinIncir for calling for strong measurable indicators in the Post 2020 #EU #Roma Framework, and for calling out #antigypsyism when you see it inside the @Europarl_EN!

@TheProgressives @socialdemokrat

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