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European Roma Grassroots Organisations Network

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ERGO fights against antigypsyism, advocates for better policies for Roma in Europe, creates strong networks and empowers Roma activists.


Securing meaningful participation: a key element of success for the EU anti-racism action plan Open letter to EU Commission President von der Leyen, Vice-President Jourova and Commissioner Dalli As organisations working to achieve racial equality and justice, we welcome the EU Action Plan Against Racism published by the European Commission on 18 September 2020. For
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Social economy and Roma inclusion in times of Covid-19 A contribution to Europe’s Action Plan on Social Economy Please save the date for ERGO Network’s Annual Conference, which this year is co-organised with Social Economy Europe and is kindly hosted by the European Parliament Intergroup on Social Economy. The event will explore the positive role
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Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Roma and how to be prepared for the next crisis Presentation during the High-level Conference launching the EU Roma Strategic Framework for Equality, Inclusion and Participation until 2030 by Adriatik Hasantari, Roma Active Albania, Vice-chair ERGO Network (12 October 2020) During August and September 2020, ERGO Network and its
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Find out about the most prevalent prejudices against Roma and more on hate against Roma in the Comparative report on the phenomena of online antigypsyism of project Re-ACT.
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💡In our latest comparative report on the phenomena of online antisemitism, you'll find up-to date insights on the main drivers for the rise in online antisemitism. 📣

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As the second wave of #Covid19 is in full swing, we are asking to finally make the most vulnerable a priority in this #pandemic and ensure that #HumanRights are upheld at all times.
Read @TikuHasantari's presentation at the #EURoma2030 conference: ⏬

Cities have an important role towards Roma equality & inclusion in Europe. We need to bring the Strategic Framework to the local and the domestic. We need to ensure that our European goals bring change to our neighbourhoods

#EU4Roma #inclusivecities4all


👍 We welcome the @EU_Commission's plans to promote positive narratives and Roma role models, combat negative stereotypes and promote truth & reconciliation.

‼️ Now the EU and governments must support spaces for Roma to promote their ethnic identity and self determination.

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