Roma Forum Romania

Roma Forum Romania

The Second National Meeting of Roma Forum in Romania took place on 18 November 2016 at the InfoEurope Center in Bucharest, organized by Nevo Parudimos, as member of ERGO Network, in partnership with Romani Criss.

The meeting focused on issues of Roma communities in order to increase the capacity-building of Roma grassroots organizations who are members in the Roma Forum, especially in the area of monitoring and advocacy work, together with experienced NGOs such as RomaniCriss and Sastipen;

The discussions focused on the list of proposals for the Romanian Presidency of the European Union in 2019 in order to be formalized in the public agenda during the Romanian presidency. These proposals refer to the following areas: school segregation, the mediation process for health and education and the forced eviction of the Roma.

Marian Mandache (Romani Criss), as an invited speaker of the 1st session, proposed ways of addressing the Roma issues to the future Romanian Government from 2017: bilateral meetings on the main social and economic fields that address Roma, such as sectorial meetings with public ministry representatives to include in their public agenda the Roma issues.

The Roma Forum had about 20 participants of Roma organizations from Romania and some new ones expressed their willingness to join.

As an ERGO member, Nevo Parudimos expresses its commitment to sustain the Roma Forum activities and to develop the capacity of Roma NGOs by exchanging information, solutions and models in order to overcome certain issues.

Also representatives of public authorities, namely the National Roma Agency and Mr. Alexandru Potor from the National Federation of LAGs, participated in the meeting.