Welcome to Sebair, ERGO’s new volunteer



Welcome, Sebair!

Here is how Sebair describes himself:

My name is Sebair Selmani (but everyone calls me Sebo) and I come from North Macedonia. Since the beginning of February I am the new volunteer in ERGO Network, in the framework of the European Solidarity Corps.  

I am 25 years old and I recently obtained my MSc degree in Business Analytics from the Central European University. My BSc is in Computer Technologies and Engineering, so I am the geek guy. I was also part of Romaversitas Skopje. Another thing about me is that I do not talk that much 😊.

I am interested in Data Analytics especially in the case where Roma are involved. My goal is to use these skills to monitor the policies. I am here to learn about European policies about Roma and with analytical skills to find new ways to improve them. Moreover, I would like to spread this kind of methodology for the other Roma activists.

I look forward to meet many ERGO members during the next year, and can’t wait to work with you.


World Social Forum 2021

Communities Discriminated on Work and Descent (CDWD) and the pandemic, its impact and mitigation measures


On 26 January, ERGO Network was part of the seminar ‘Communities Discriminated on Work and Descent (CDWD) and the Pandemic, its impact and Mitigation Measures’ under the banner of the World Social Forum 2021.

This year, before the background of an unparalleled pandemic crisis, the seminar centered on the impact of Covid 19 on communities discriminated based on work and descent.

The main concerns of this era on CDWD are the gender dimension and access to justice, escalating with Covid 19 exclusion and lack of access to education. Further, the CDWD are blamed wrongfully for spreading of COVID19,  facing atrocities and violence from other communities. 6 regional and national leaders of CDWD from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America shared their communities’ experiences during this crisis and together determined the impact of livelihood, access to services, and developmental justice during the COVID 19 mitigation measures.

The seminar came up with clear recommendations for social movements, addressed to state authorities across the regions. As these communities( CDWD) are one of the most excluded and segregated groups globally, it is crucial that they are included in the recovery plans of the pandemic.

Gabriela Hrabanova, Director of ERGO presented the impact of Covid 19 on Roma and Traveller’s communities, mentioning that antigypsyism spread considerably during the pandemic. She spoke about the organization’s focus on advocacy towards EU institutions to fight antigypsyism and to create equality for Roma communities.

She stated:

“We want to set a better example for governments by upholding the rule of law and human rights, to fight antigypsyism and to cover Roma in mainstream causes and recovery plans by EU  institutions”.

The World Social Forum is a visible manifestation of global civil society, that seeks international solidarity. It consists of members of the global movement for social and economic justice, meeting annually to endeavor alternative future through promoting counter-hegemonic globalization.