Call for external evaluator

We are looking for an external evaluator

ERGO Network is contracting an independent expert to evaluate its project “Peer education to counter antigypsyist online hate speech”. The project is funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020) with co-funding from Google.Org Impact Challenge on Safety in the framework of ERGO Network’s project “Peer education to counter antigypsyist online hate speech”.

ERGO Network

ERGO Network ( brings together over 30 members from across Europe and supports organisations with a common perspective on Roma grassroots empowerment and equal citizenship to challenge stereotypes and combat stigmatization. We mobilize and connect organisations and individuals that share and express our values – active citizenship, shared responsibility, and passion – to strengthen and empower Roma civil society involvement in decision-making at local, national, and European levels and to address existing shortcomings of policies targeted at Roma.

Peer education to counter antigypsyist online hate speech

With approximately 12 million people living in Europe for centuries, the Roma are the continent’s biggest ethnic minority. At the same time, they are the most disliked and discriminated minority, with every third person not wanting to have a Roma neighbour and 80% of Roma living at the risk of poverty.

Antigypsyism – a specific form of racism against people who are perceived as ‘Gypsies’ in the public imagination, is at the core of the social exclusion and discrimination of Roma.

PECAO counters antigypsyist hate speech online by working with young people, using a combination of peer education and monitoring in order to obtain two-fold results: the peer education methodology achieves a direct change in attitudes and actions of a high number of young people, and the monitoring  contributes to better understanding and a more systemic change of policies through advocacy based on the results.


  • To raise awareness of young people in ten countries of the adverse impact of hate speech on Roma and of the importance to report antigypsyist online hate speech.
  • To train young Roma as peer educators and to empower them to monitor and report hate speech online
  • To advocate for anti-discrimination policies that take into account the online sphere as well as antigypsyism as a bias motivation.
  • To raise awareness of other stakeholders of antigypsyist hate speech in online media

Role of the evaluator

We are searching for an external evaluator to assess the achievements and lessons learned of ERGO Network’s project “Peer education to counter antigypsyist online hate speech”.

The evaluator is expected to assess the achievements of ERGO Network in implementing the project and reaching the objectives set and to give recommendations for future work.

Specifically, the evaluator is expected to:

  • Conduct evaluation interviews with ERGO project partners and stakeholders involved in the project together with ERGO staff to evaluate achievements in at least 4 countries.
  • Conduct workshop with ERGO staff and project partners to jointly assess our achievements, lessons learnt and recommendations.
  • Draft a report describing outcomes and achievements, lessons learnt and recommendations for improvements, as well as follow-ups.


  • Excellent knowledge of evaluation methodology and experience with programme evaluations
  • Expertise on Roma issues and policies on European Union and member state level
  • Experience working with civil society organisations in the fields of advocacy, capacity-building, and network building
  • Excellent writing skills and ability to concisely summarise evaluation results for different audiences
  • Excellent research and analytical skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Additional language skills desirable


The evaluation will be conducted throughout March-May 2022, with the final report expected for June 2022.

Times for interviews and workshops with ERGO staff, members and stakeholders will be agreed upon with the selected consultant.

Contract and budget: The independent evaluator will be subcontracted to fulfil part of the work in the project between ERGO Network, EU REC programme (2014-2020) and Google.Org. The expert has no rights vis-à-vis the European Commission and Google.Org.

The expert shall be paid for the execution of the activities and services a fee of a maximum of 6,000 EUR, all taxes and VAT included.

Application procedure

Interested and qualified candidates should submit the following documents:

  • CV, highlighting past similar assignments
  • Proposed methodology, timeline and budgetary proposal, including the envisaged number of working days

We will select the expert according to the principle “Value for money”. Please send your application to by February 25th 2022, 23:59 CET.

A detailed project summary can be provided upon request.

For further questions, please contact Mustafa Jakupov at


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Call for external evaluator – ERGO Network

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