Promoting Inclusivity: Roma and Non-Roma Youth Leading Social Change

Promoting Inclusivity: Roma and Non-Roma Youth Leading Social Change

On December 7, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, we welcome you to join us at Mundo Matonge, located at Rue d’Edimbourg 26, in the Conference Room. The occasion is the “Inclusive Vibes: Roma and non-Roma Youth Promoting Social Change,” whereby you will have an opportunity to explore how together we can make a social change. Specifically, the event is to present and discuss a dynamic and innovative methodology of a Roma NGO aimed at empowering young Roma and transforming non-Roma youth’s perceptions towards the Roma community.

Inclusive Vibes will embark on a journey of social transformation. During the event, you will hear success stories from local communities, meet community change-makers, and discuss possible replication of such a methodology within other geographical and social constellations.

This initiative is known as the Erasmus + project ‘Roma Youth Bring Change, was co-implemented ` and coordinated by the Autonomia Foundation (Hungary) and RROMA (North Macedonia), both organizations are members of the ERGO Network.

The event has three core objectives: 

  • Showcasing Successful Solutions: We aim to present the project’s accomplishments and innovative approaches that have evolved through gamification and community campaigns. We intend to inspire others by demonstrating effective strategies for addressing social issues through engaging methods. 
  • Building Collaborative Networks: Through interactive discussions, we aim to facilitate connections and partnerships that can lay the groundwork for future initiatives dedicated to social change and inclusivity. 
  • Empowering Youth as Change Agents: By sharing the joyful and practical approaches employed in the project, we hope to motivate and equip young individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to become proactive change agents in promoting inclusivity and social change. 

Download the agenda of the event.

Register for the event and be part of the journey towards inclusivity and social transformation. 

Promoting Inclusivity: Roma and Non-Roma Youth Leading Social Change – ERGO Network

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