Romani Week 2024 Announcement

Romani Week 2024: Shaping the Future for Roma, Sinti, and Travellers in Europe

As Europe grapples with a complex socio-political landscape characterised by both anti-racism movements and the resurgence of far-right ideologies, the need for inclusive discussions about marginalized communities becomes increasingly vital. In this context, the Roma, Sinti, and Travellers face numerous challenges related to equality, inclusion, and participation. The rise of xenophobic and nationalist sentiments at both national and EU levels poses a threat to their well-being and integration into society.

The Challenge

Despite efforts on paper, the struggle for effective inclusion of Roma, Sinti, and Travellers persists due to a disconnect between policies on Roma inclusion and mainstream initiatives. The political will to combat antigypsyism and social exclusion often falls short, with National Roma Strategic Frameworks remaining under implementation. As the political climate in Europe evolves, the urgency to address these challenges becomes even more apparent.

What is Romani Week?

Romani Week, an annual event held in Brussels serves as a platform to raise awareness about the realities faced by Roma, Sinti, and Travellers in Europe. It brings together civil society organizations, European institutions, and international entities during the Roma International Day. This year, the event is more pertinent than ever, coinciding with the upcoming European elections.

Objectives of Romani Week 2024

Romani Week 2024 aims to dissect the position of the Roma agenda within the broader European political discourse and priorities. The focus is to foster dialogue about the pressing issues affecting the Roma, Sinti, and Travellers communities and ensure their prominence in mainstream political discussions and EU policy priorities.

The primary objectives include:

  1. Platform for Discourse: Provide a platform for representatives and stakeholders of Roma, Sinti, and Travellers to engage in conversations about the contemporary political, economic, and human rights landscape in Europe.
  2. Political Accountability: Encourage stronger accountability and political will from governments, both within the EU and Enlargement countries, to deliver on the promises of equality, inclusion, and participation for Roma, Sinti, and Travellers.
  3. Concrete Topics: Address specific issues such as increased antigypsyism, structural discrimination, the implementation and monitoring of National Roma Strategic Frameworks, and discussions about Roma history, truth, and reconciliation processes.

Overview of the events

Please note that you have to register for each event separately using the special form. If you would like to see the draft agenda, check the regularly updated website of the Romani Week 2024 here.

Future of Roma, Sinti and Travellers in Europe

The event will discuss the ongoing political, economic and human rights changes Europe faces today and ways to ensure that Roma, Sinti and Travellers become a more prominent priority within the mainstream political discourse and policy priorities at the EU level to ensure a stronger accountability and political will by governments, both in the EU and Enlargement countries, to deliver on the equality, inclusion and participation of Roma, Sinti and Travellers.

The event will also discuss the future of Roma, Sinti and Travellers after the European elections, the change in EU leadership and the possible increase of far rights groups in the EU’s political spectrum.

Registration HERE

Most Roma Friendy Mayor Award

The ceremony will award positive examples of Roma integration by local authorities In the Western Balkans and Turkey.

Registration HERE

80 Years of the Roma Holocaust. Lessons to prevent future acts of genocide

More information on this event is coming soon

Registration HERE

Transitional justice to tackle antigypsyism, reclaim our past and rebuild our future

The Jekhipe project launch event focuses on establishing transitional justice processes, including expert commissions, at the EU and national levels to address antigypsyism. The project aims to provide policy recommendations, raise awareness about institutional antigypsyism, promote Roma identity and culture in education, and empower Roma communities and NGOs in the fight against antigypsyism.

Registration HERE

The Roma Civil Monitoring: the role of CSOs in the future of Roma equality, inclusion and participation

The event will discuss the effective participation of Roma civil society in national policy-making.

Registration HERE

Intersectional Perspectives of Romani Children’s Rights

The event addresses the pervasive systemic discrimination faced by Roma children from early childhood, spanning issues like inadequate healthcare, limited access to education, and discrimination in sports. It aims to discuss employing an effective intersectoral approach to challenge and change these practices. 

Registration HERE

Romani Week 2024 promises to be a crucible of ideas and actions, fostering a united front against discrimination and exclusion. By bringing together key stakeholders and decision-makers, the event strives to propel the Roma, Sinti, and Travellers into the forefront of political discourse and policy priorities. As we face the European elections, Romani Week 2024 marks a crucial milestone in pursuing a more inclusive and equitable future for all. Join us in this dialogue to shape a better tomorrow for the Roma, Sinti, and Travellers in Europe.

Romani Week 2024 Announcement – ERGO Network

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