Buy a hot lunch for someone in Ukraine

From your safe location, you can buy lunch (or several of them) for someone in Ukraine right now.

For just 4 euro you can take care of someone to have at least one hot meal during their hard day in war.

How this works?

ERGO Network and Roma Women Fund “Chiricli” are teaming up with other organisations to make and give out hot meals in the metro stations, streets and other locations in Kharkiv, Odesa and many other places in Ukraine.

The lunches are made by Krishna followers. Our friends in Chiricli will make sure they can buy the products to make these meals and will also make sure that the Roma and other disadvantaged groups know when and where the meals will be given out.
These hot lunches are for everyone who needs them.

The cost of one hot lunch in Ukraine is only 4 euro.

Buy a hot lunch for someone in Ukraine – ERGO Network

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