Combatting antigypsyism

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Combatting antigypsyism

Antigypsyism is the specific racism towards Roma, Sinti, Travellers and others who are stigmatized as ‘gypsies’ in the public imagination. Antigypsyism is not only widespread, but also deeply entrenched in social and cultural attitudes and institutional practice. This makes the challenge of tackling it both more urgent and more difficult.

ERGO Network contributed significantly to the recognition of antigypsyism on European level during the last years and is a key player lobbying towards a coherent, but diverse, set of measures to combat antigypsyism. Our policy work includes cooperation with the wider anti-racist movement towards the EU Anti-Racism Action Plan.

ERGO Network furthermore engages in campaigns and human rights education to support young people in combatting antigypsyism on all levels.

Isa and Mustafa

Contact person

For more information about ERGO Network’s work in this policy area, contact:

Senior Policy Officer Isabela Mihalache (policy):

Policy and Programme Coordinator Mustafa Jakupov (campaigning and human rights education):

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