Our Work



We bring together individuals and organisations to inspire and learn from each other, share ideas and co-create change.


We monitor the implementation of policies and bring evidence from the grassroots to national and EU policy-processes.


We empower Roma activists and communities to stand up for their rights and contribute to social change.


We coordinate grassroots campaigns against antigypsyism, raise awareness and and gather support for better policies.


ERGO 2020

Our work is defined by the ERGO Strategy 2020, developed jointly by the board and member organisations. Our core objectives are to:

Combat inequality, stigmatization and discrimination.

Strengthen Roma civil society participation in decision-making.

Commit governments and European institutions to effective anti-discrimination and social inclusion policies for Roma.

Theory of change

At local level, we seek to change local realities for families and communities; to accomplish more harmonious forms of living together. The active commitment of local authorities to address inequalities is a key component.

At the national level, we seek to enhance accountability of public authorities and political commitment to end inequalities and to combat discrimination of Roma.

At European level, we seek adoption of key policy changes that strengthen the EU Roma policy framework so that it brings real improvements for Roma.