Through specific training activities and one-by-one coaching, we build the capacities of our members to effectively advocate for the rights of Roma, work with local communities and manage and govern their organisations effectively and transparently.

Our members in turn support local and regional Roma activists to gain new competencies, become stronger in their work against antigypsyism and for Roma inclusion and be reliable partners for our network.

Joint Initiative

The Joint Initiative to Empower Roma Civil Society on the Western Balkans and Turkey is coordinated by our member Roma Active Albania together with ERGO Network and sets up a supporting structure for (pro) Roma civil society to actively participate in the local and national policy and decision making process.  It addresses the generally weak position of civil society organisations aiming at promoting Roma integration or representing the voice of Roma communities, which mostly lack the capacity to make their case effectively and act as a reliable counterpart for public authorities and other stakeholders.

It establishes a constructive and systematic dialogue between local and national authorities and Roma civil society organisations in order to improve policies for Roma integration, social inclusion, non-discrimination, interethnic dialogue, socio-economic development and citizens’ rights.

Community-led local development

ERGO Network members in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia train Roma NGOs as well as Local Action Groups to strengthen Roma inclusion in the bottom-up EU funding approach “Community-led local development”. Through tailored trainings and coaching, Roma NGOs are empowered to become members of LAGs and to apply for grants in the framework of Local Development Strategies.

To read more about the steps of the capacity-building process in order to empower Roma communities to participate in Community-Led Local Development, have a look at this article of our Bulgarian member Integro Association.