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European Roma Grassroots Organisations Network

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ERGO fights against antigypsyism, advocates for better policies for Roma in Europe, creates strong networks and empowers Roma activists.


ERGO Network reacts to European Child Guarantee and the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child On 24 March 2021, the European Commission released a proposal for a Council Recommendation establishing the European Child Guarantee, as well as the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child 2021-2024 for the period 2021-2024. ERGO Network
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Terms of Reference for Rights Experts of Communities Discriminated on Work and Descent (RE- CDWD) Context Global Forum on Communities Discriminated on Work and Descent (GFoD) is the global advocacy mechanism of Communities Discriminated on Work and Descent (CDWD). More than 260 million people across the world are discriminated on the basis of work and
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ERGO Network responds to the European Commission public consultation on the Social Economy Action Plan The European Commission launched a public consultation seeking stakeholder feedback on the proposed Roadmap for an Action Plan for Social Economy, due to be released shortly. ERGO Network contributed its perspective, building on our comprehensive position paper The role of
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The impact of Covid-19 on Roma communities in the European Union and the Western Balkans Together with partners from seven EU Member States, five Western Balkan countries and Turkey, ERGO Network has prepared an in-depth study about the devastating impact that the Covid-19 pandemic had and continue to has on Roma and Travellers across Europe.
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To achieve a true #UnionofEquality, the EU must tackle #discrimination of #EURoma communities, ensuring equality, inclusion and participation.

Eradicating poverty and securing #SocialRights are primary objectives in an action plan against #racism.


It's time to up our game on #data collection, to REVEAL discrimination across Europe.
Why? Read @DarisRecio's views on racism & data collection in our latest Equality Blogpost!


#EUFunds are essential to guarantee that no one is left behind. This afternoon in the @EUSocialSummit21 we expect to find a high political agreement on concrete measures to land the European Pillar of #SocialRights Action Plan #TimeToDeliver #RomaEU @2021PortugalEU

Baxtalo Herdelezi savorenge!
Today is Saint Georges Day, one of the most important holidays for Roma in the Southern Balkans. The celebration marks the beginning of Summer and brings good fortune and wealth!

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