European Pillar of Social Rights

Research report: Roma access to healthcare and long-term care

Thematic European Pillar of Social Rights Snapshots social media campaign

ERGO Network Snapshot of Access to Essential Services

ERGO Network Snapshot of Housing and assistance for the homeless

ERGO Network Snapshot of Health care, Inclusion of people with disabilities, Long-term care

ERGO Network Snapshot of Old Age Income and Pensions

ERGO Network Snapshot of Social Protection and Unemployment Benefits

ERGO Network Snapshot of Childcare and Support to Children

ERGO Network Snapshot Of Social Dialogue And Involvement Of Workers

ERGO Network Snapshot Of Secure and Adaptable Employment, Wages and Work Environment

ERGO Network Snapshot Of Active Support to Employment

ERGO Network launches its research report on Roma access to adequate minimum income schemes


ERGO Network Snapshot of: Education, Training and Lifelong Learning

ERGO responds to the EPSR Action Plan

How to ensure that the European Pillar of Social Rights delivers on Roma equality, inclusion, and participation?

Essential elements & thematic targets under the 2020 EU Roma Strategic Framework

European Pillar of Social Rights – ERGO Network

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