Transparency and accountability – training for trainers

Training of Trainers – Transparency and Accountability Criteria

12 -15 May 2018, Durres, Albania

Being transparent and accountable are important prerequisites for the effectiveness of civil society organisations that are taken seriously by their institutional counterparts. ERGO members from the Western Balkans, Turkey and the ‘Visegrad countries’ Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic met in Durres, Albania from 12-15 May under the project “Strengthening Roma civil society as independent and transparent watchdog organisations” for a training on how to become accountable, transparent and independent organization that can be examples for others.

The training was based on a set of transparency criteria developed by ERGO Network that focus on financial management, governance and political transparency of grassroots civil society organisations. Once the organisations will implement what they have learned, they will receive a ‘transparency label’, recognising their good governance, accountability and transparency.

The participants learned and practiced how to address these organisational and managerial challenges through a board game that introduced in a playful way what is needed to implement the transparency criteria. Back in their countries they will multiply what they have learned within their local grassroots organisations and in a later stage with institutions in order to increase each other’s visibility and accountability. The group also stressed the importance of building trust between institutions and grassroots civil society through the criteria.

The project receives funding from the International Visegrad Fund and is part of the Joint Initiative to Empower Civil Society in the Western Balkans and Turkey, financed by the IPA Civil Society Programme of DG NEAR and ‘Roma Included in Social Europe’, funded by the EaSi Programme of DG EMPL.