NSOP Training on Presentation and Communication Skills

NSOP Training on Presentation and Communication Skills

From 24-26 November 2020 the Regional Roma Education Youth Association (RROMA) held an online training on “Presentation and communication skills” in the framework of the project “New solutions to old problems – exchange of new approaches in the field of Roma integration” funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and the Norwegian Regional Cooperation Grants Fund.

The workshop was attended by about 30 participants from all 11 partner organizations from Romania, Northern Macedonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Albania, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Ukraine, Belgium and the Czech Republic.

The first day of the workshop focused on presentation skills, where we gained many new tips and tricks on how to best promote our work for Roma inclusion and the fight against anti-Gypsy, with our expert Dimitrij Mihajlovski.

The second day, November 25, was a day for communication and presentation skills training. With the help of the journalist Sunai Sabrioski participants have a chance to improve their communication skills – returning to the basics and understanding the key elements, understanding the importance maintaining an effective article / speech / exercise.

On the third day a meeting was held between the partner organizations where they exchanged views on how to use the previously acquired communication and presentation skills, as well as on the future plans provided by each partner organization for the realization of the project.