ERGO Network’s Learning Academy

ERGO Network’s Learning Academy

What are the key challenges in organising Roma communities? How do you identify a successful local leader?

These were two of many questions discussed during ERGO Network’s Learning Academy in Varna, Bulgaria in September 2021. The Academy gave the partners of the project “New solutions to old problems – exchange of new types of approaches in the field of Roma integration” a chance to finally come together face to face after 18 months of online meetings.

The participants of the Academy shared their knowledge on leadership, community organising and building trust. The discussions were documented by the team of visual recorders 500 Markers, who have put the outcomes into these two videos.

What are the challenges in organising Roma communities?

Is it the lack of trust?
Or maybe the people who use the community for self-interest?

These are the challenges. But what are the solutions to them?

What is a leader? How do you recognize one? And even more important – how can we develop local leadership qualities?

This video is based on the workshop on community organizing delivered by Marina Tota from the European Community Organizing Network.

The videos were created as a part of ERGO Network’s Learning Academy. The Academy is funded by the European Commission through the EaSI programme of DG EMPL and is part of the project New Solutions To Old Problems – exchange of new type of approaches in the field of Roma integration”, funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation.