Youth Employment

Inclusive work spaces are good for employers, employees & society

With our PLACE FOR ALL campaign we raise awareness of the benefits of an inclusive and diverse work place and of the motivation and competencies of young Roma. We highlight good practices in diversity and inclusion of employers and encourage others to follow their example.

For ethnic minorities trying to find decent employment can be difficult, and even if they do manage to secure employment often continue to face unequal treatment such as lower wages, zero hour contracts, a lack of career options and even direct discrimination and harassment. It should be everyone’s goal to eliminate this inequality. Remember: equality doesn’t always mean treating everyone the same. It can mean taking into account the differences and acting appropriately.

ADD YOUR VOICE TO THE CAMPAIGN: It is important to be openly inclusive and to encourage others to follow your example.   Sign the pledge and show that you are part of a community of inclusive employers.  Spread the word of the benefits of an inclusive work space, so that job seekers and other employers know what it is you do to provide a space for all.

BE PART OF THE SOLUTION: Offer a safe inclusive workplace for everyone and recruit a diverse team of employees.

Do you have employees belonging to minorities, such as Roma?

Do you actively support minority employees?

Do you do something to combat biases against minority employees in your team?

Then sign the pledge, gain visibility as inclusive employer and share your good work!

Personal stories

Watch these inspiring and powerful stories of the barriers that Roma people have to overcome in their careers, and how they make an impact in their work place and in society.

Meet Ani from Bulgaria

Download Ani’s story as an image here.

Meet Manda from Romania

Download Manda’s story as an image here.

Meet Tomas from Czech Republic

Download Tomas’s story as an image here.

Meet Tünde from Hungary

Download Tünde’s story as an image here.

Meet Davie from Scotland

Download Davie’s story as an image here.

Youth Employment – ERGO Network

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