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European Roma Grassroots Organisations Network

ERGO Network mobilizes and connects grassroots, national and international organisations and individuals who share a set of core values to create the courage, capacity and  opportunities to combat antigypsyism and Roma poverty; strengthen Roma civil society participation in decision-making at grassroots, national and European level and commit governments and European institutions to effective social inclusion and anti-discrimination policies, standards and funds for Roma.



ERGO Network’s Learning Academy

Romani Week 2021

We are hiring a Communications and Membership Officer

Roma Holocaust Memorial Day

"It is now our joint responsibility to get rid of the root cause of all the derived problems, which is #antigypsyism." We fully support this conclusion by Szablocs Schmidt, Head of Unit Non-Discrimination & Roma Coordination in DG JUST, after the first day. #EU4Roma #EUwithRoma

Abriel Schieffelers (@a_schieffelers) from @Eurodiaconia presents the conclusions of the workshop "Mitigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Roma communities", stressing the key need for explicit targetting of #Roma in the #RRF + #ESF+ #ERDF. #EU4Roma #EUwithRoma

Dr Anna Mirga-Kruszelnicka (@ERIAC_official), presents the conclusions of the workshop "Assessing the National Roma Strategic Frameworks", and says "Ignoring the fight against #antigypsyism would be a huge barrier in achieving any impact." We agree! #EU4Roma #EUwithRoma

The graphic recording of the workshop on mitigating the impact of #Covid19 on #Roma, echoing our recommendation that the #RRF and the Roma Framework work in synergy, prioritising the fight against #antigypsyism and Roma participation.
#EU4Roma #EUwithRoma

.@MichaelCJT from @EURightsAgency asks Member States to take greater efforts for gathering data on the appaling situation concerning the respect of rights of Roma.
ERGO joins the FRA in this demand - we need more data to achieve better results.

#EU4Roma #EUwithRoma

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