Guidelines on Countering Antigypsyism

New ERGO Network Manual: Guidelines on Countering Antigypsyism

We are happy to present our latest ERGO Network Manual, also part of our Decade Against Antigypsyism Campaign – “Guidelines on Countering Antigypsyism”.

“Guidelines on Countering Antigypsyism” were written by Ana Rozanova and Martina Horvathova for ERGO Network with the idea of equipping non-governmental civil society organisations with practical knowledge and strategies to address one of the most persistent forms of discrimination in our society.

The Guidelines provide insights and practical strategies for CSOs and individuals committed to fighting against the deeply rooted prejudice and discrimination faced by Roma communities. Throughout them, we explored various dimensions of antigypsyism, both online and offline, and emphasised the significance of addressing
this issue.

By understanding the complexities of antigypsyism, both online and offline, we can devise effective strategies to challenge stereotypes, promote inclusivity, and advocate for the rights of Roma communities. Our collective efforts are necessary to dismantle systemic barriers and promote social justice.

Let us remember that the fight against antigypsyism is not isolated to a single organisation or individual. It is a collective responsibility that requires ongoing commitment, resilience, and solidarity. By working together, we can challenge prejudices, dismantle stereotypes, and build a society that embraces diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunities.

Let these guidelines for countering antigypsyism serve as a call to action for us to take measurable, practical steps in this work.

For more information about ERGO Network’s Decade against Antigypsyism Campaign, please contact Communication and Campaign Officer Ana Rozanova.

Guidelines on Countering Antigypsyism – ERGO Network

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