ERGO Network supports communities and individuals to stand up for the rights of Roma and have their say in society. Through shared learning, mutual support, cooperation and co-creation, Roma people and their allies get the power to be involved in decision-making processes, develop strong personalities and organise strong communities.

Key Activities


Roma and Non-Roma people are connecting through RomaReact, an interactive multimedia mapping platform that allows us to share everyday Roma realities and to challenge the stereotypes and prejudices that Roma face. Through RomaReact we want to build a global online community seeking social change and justice.


ERGO Network invests in the capacities and enthusiasm of young Roma in order to develop their competencies, grow in their personalities and become activists in the Roma field. We organise training courses and seminars and offer learning opportunities through staff or internship positions in the ERGO Network office and its member organisations.


The project Peer education to counter antigypsyist online hate speech (PECAO) empowers 50 young Roma peer educators in ten countries to recognise, report and counter online hate speech, and to train other young people to do the same.

ERGO Academy

Each year, we invite young staff and volunteers of our member organisations to spend a week together in a relaxing and inspiring environment to share their knowledge, develop creative ideas, strengthen their participatory leadership skills and boost their motivation as activists.

Transparency criteria

The transparency criteria give recommendations on how grassroots civil society organisations should be governed and managed in order to be reliable and accountable. The set of criteria focuses on 1) financial management, 2) governance, 3) political transparency.

Power of Change

The project Power of Change empowers Roma women in the Western Balkans and Turkey to increase their participation in local and national policy and decision making processes through capacity-building, networking and monitoring.

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